Clinical expertise and passion are values that, for over 20 years, have distinguished us in the field of elderly care.

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Our Residences

Assisted Living Residences, called RSAs in Italy, are non-hospital facilities that house and tend to the needs of people who generally are not self-sufficient or who require specific care that is difficult to provide at home, either indefinitely or for a specific period of time.

Healthcare services

All our facilities are staffed by a team of multidisciplinary experts composed of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, professional educators and social and healthcare workers. Thanks to timely intake and medical and nursing professionals on-site 24-hours a day, we are able to welcome and care for different types of guests, including those who have highly complex needs, seniors who are not self-sufficient, patients suffering from cognitive impairment and degenerative diseases, the disabled, patients in a vegetative state, those with mental disorders, and people who need care following hospitalisation. To ensure a holistic approach to health, we pay particular attention to the psychological, emotional and relational conditions of our guests, providing socialisation and cognitive stimulation.

The amenities of a hotel

Anni Azzurri residences are designed according to the highest safety standards there are, while guaranteeing the welcoming atmosphere of a true home. Moreover, our facilities are equipped with the amenities of a fine hotel: gardens, furnished terraces, single and double rooms, restaurants, cafés, gyms, hairdressers, beauticians, a laundry service, and large rooms for occupational and recreational activities.

Anni Azzurri | KOS group

The KOS Group

The Anni Azzurri brand is part of the KOS Group.

KOS is a leading Italian healthcare group working in social and healthcare assistance, long-term residential care, rehabilitation, psychiatry, diagnostics and acute medicine.

The Group's mission is to innovate in the field of individual care and health, offering high-quality personalised services, including in tandem with the public healthcare system.

Founded in 2002, the KOS Group now has over 13,000 beds and 13,300 employees.

KOS Statistics


11 regions, 8600 experts

In Italy KOS is present in 11 regions and manages 93 facilities. it relies more than 8,600 experts, including 7,100 employees


93 facilities

56 residences for the elderly, 16 rehabilitation centres, 12 psychiatric therapeutic communities, 7 psychiatric clinics and 2 hospitals


+9000 beds

Considering all italian facilities there is a total of more than 9,000 beds.


15 outpatient centres

In addition, in Italy there are 15 outpatient centres for rehabilitation and diagnostics.


4200 beds in Germany

KOS operates in Germany through Charleston Holding, which manages 49 residences for the elderly with 4,200 beds.


13 centres in India

Since 2011, the Group has been active in India with ClearMedi Healthcare, which manages 13 centres for diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Work with us

The quality of a company is defined by the professionalism and experience of the people who work there. That’s why we believe it’s essential to invest in the growth of our employees and contractors through training courses that reinforce and expand upon their skills. We do so in part via the KOS Academy and its various courses, transferring the expertise gained over 20 years in long-term care to our team.